The Good

This show lets us see a side of the Navy that we usually don't get to see.

The Bad

A sticker on this release says that there are Special Features but I wasn't able to find any.

In JAG: The Complete Third Season we see Commander Rabb (David James Elliot), Major MacKenzie (Catherine Bell), Bud (Patrick Labyorteaux), Harriet (Karri Turner) and Admiral Chegwidden (John M. Jackson) do their best to defend America from the people who wish to bring this great nation down. Spread out over six discs this twenty four episode set features fast paced action, well structured storylines, and even a little hanky panky.

Some of the episodes in this set are "Blind Side" in which MacKenzie finds herself investigating her former flying teacher after an accident happens on the teacher's watch. "Chains of Command" sees Rabb and MacKenzie going head to head in court with MacKenzie's boyfriend who is defending a Chief being accused of sexual harassment onboard his ship. "Against All Enemies" is a particularly well done and timely episode in which a commercial airliner from North Korea is shot down. As the members of JAG ight be more to it than meets the eye.

With over 18 hours of entertainment value, JAG: The Complete Third Season is a DVD release that gives consumers a lot of bang for their buck.


No Extras came with this release even though a sticker on the packaging said this set contained supplemental features. I searched every disc and I found nothing.


Full Screen. These episodes looked really good. They are almost ten years old, they don't have the sharpness of earlier one hour shows that were shot on film, but all in all I thought these things held up. Sadly, the effects employed in the mid-1990s just didn't look that great. While JAG doesn't employ a ton of those, it employs enough so that they almost seem distracting. This strength of this show was in the acting and the story structure.


Dolby Digital. The sound on these DVDs were all pretty good. Unfortunately, nothing about the audio presentation really grabbed me too much. The music has that triumphant, military feel but even that is pretty much expected in a show like this. I was pleasantly surprised that this wasn't like a lot of today's shows where the characters speak in whispers. Also, the plots weren't convoluted like some of today's show but it seems like viewers are finally starting to help reign those kinds of shows in.


The front cover of this slipcase packaging features the cast of this show all decked out in their military garb, and underneath them is an image of the American Flag with a gavel on it. The back shows us another shot of the team this time with light bursting all around them. There is a small and uninformative description of what this show is about, and some technical specs below that and on the underside of the packaging. All six discs are neatly contained inside three slim cases, and there are shots of the three main characters on each one. The backs list out where the episodes are on each disc and there's no mention of Bonus Features anywhere.

Final Word

JAG was a show that I had always heard about but I had no idea that it ran for 10 years! For some reason I always got it confused with that Pamela Anderson show V.I.P., which if you think about it really isn't that huge of a mistake. Granted, JAG takes a much more serious approach, these shows have similar titles and with the TV market pumping out more and more shows it makes sense that some confusion could be had. What I am most baffled by is that here was a show that I wasn't familiar with at all, and yet it ran longer than most TV that got more headlines and made more press.

If you are fan this show, buying JAG: The Complete Third Season is a no-brainer. If you have never seen an episode, you may want to check out a few episodes via iTunes. Then, if your interest is piqued you can then go about buying some full length seasons of this show.