Jaimie Alexander talks about the season premiere, the new season as a whole and the future

Jaimie Alexander plays Jessi XX on the hit ABC Family show Kyle XY. The show just premiered earlier this week and I was in on a conference call with Alexander the day after the premiere. Here's what the young actress had to say.

I just wondered if you could talk about how involved are you going to be in the rest of the season. Are you going to be in most of the shows or have a fairly big part going forward?

Jaimie Alexander: Actually, yes. Jessi is, if I can remember correctly, in every episode in season 2.5. She plays a big role and definitely stirs up things a lot more than she did last season. Still while trying to be a good person, but things don't always go her way.

Describe the connection between Kyle and Jessi, that mental connection that they have.

Jaimie Alexander: The connection between Kyle and Jessi, it's a lot different than a normal human being to a normal human being. They are pretty much made of the same mold. They're the only two that understand each other completely and, even still, they have difficulties. They're pretty much each others guardians. I think Kyle would be okay if Jessi wasn't around. In a sense, he could manage. But I don't think Jessi would be okay without Kyle because she doesn't have anybody else. To be honest in the episodes that are coming up, their connection is questioned and it is explored heavily throughout the next nine episodes.

Actually, it's sort of a follow-up question. Is the relationship between Jessi and Kyle going to evolve in the next few episodes?

Jaimie Alexander: Just like with any relationship, you have to go through certain highs and lows to see how strong the relationship is and where it's going to take you. And Jessi and Kyle-I'm trying to think how to word this. Jessi and Kyle kind of duke it out throughout the next few episodes, though not intentionally.

Jessi will try and do something that she thinks is beneficial or good for somebody else but, in reality, is a bad thing. Eventually, a heavy strain gets put on their relationship because of the things that Jessi is doing where it makes Kyle kind of shy away from her a little bit because he has so many other things going on. So their relationship becomes very strained, like very heavily strained, throughout the next few episodes.

I have a question about what we learned on the season premiere. Can Jessi actually trust what Brian told her and does she know if she can trust him or not?

Jaimie Alexander: I think, at this point, anything could happen. But, right now, I've got to tell you, Jessi's so desperate to find somebody that loves her - a piece of her past so to speak - that I think it makes her more willing to trust people that maybe she shouldn't trust. But, as of right now, she has her guard up. If it's one thing she's learned, she can't trust everybody.

We got a lot of great feedback from the premiere, but one of the complaints and probably the only one that I've heard was that Jessi jumps off the ledge glancing back at Madacorp and nothing is explained. Will we see more of that later on in the season or can you explain how that happened? Did it get cut for timing or what went on there?

Jaimie Alexander: Here's the thing. They never really explained it. The things about our show - and it becomes a little bit more this way in a good way - is that they don't like to spoon feed the audience that much, which is very good. Because I think, with sci-fi, if you do that, it's just a piece of crap.

But with her jumping off, it's assumed - and you can, of course, make up your own story with this - it's assumed that Madacorp got her. Tom Foss was there to pull Kyle back off the cliff, and you've got to know Madacorp was around somewhere watching this happen, watching this go down. Pretty much, she did what they wanted her to do, so they obviously were looking out for this.

Obviously, she can survive a lot of things. If you saw episode nine, how I got out of the facility and yet I had no burn marks, it's kind of weird. I think what happened is that Jessi is much physically stronger than Kyle and I think, when she jumped off, Madacorp was there to drag her out real fast. You will learn to see-how do I want to phrase this without giving much away? Throughout the rest of the season, you're going to see what Jessi is really capable of concerning her health. That's where I've got to stop because I was about to say something else. But just know that Madacorp had a huge part in how Jessi survives.

Can you kind of give us a hint at what some of the things Jessi does just to kind of cause that, how she will intersect with other people's storylines?

Jaimie Alexander: Sure. After all this goes down and the Tragers kind of know about what Kyle is and where he came from, she starts to realize she's capable of lot of things physically and mentally that maybe she knew about last season, but didn't really explore because she was afraid or she wasn't sure about. Now she's very sure about it and she, while exploring these things, gets - I don't know if it's power hungry. That maybe too much to say. She realizes some of her abilities can help people, although what she thinks is helping somebody is not actually helping someone. Say she helps one person, she might hurt four other people doing it. But just thinks she's doing a good thing. And she finds out she has these abilities that nobody else has and, even if Kyle has them, he's not going to use them. So she's like "why should they go to waste?" It's kind of this showdown for the rest of the season.

At the same time, how well written Jessi is, they explore that-look, it's not just her showing off, she's doing it for a purpose. So you can't really hate her in a way. As I was reading the script, I realized like in a sense, you can't really blame her. She's only trying to do something to either get attention or to help somebody, but she always ends up doing the opposite of what she intended it to do.

That puts a heavy strain because Kyle can't just walk away from her, because he realizes she trying to do something good or trying to help somebody. It's almost like dealing with a baby. Like, "Okay, I don't want to punish her too much because it's going to make her go in the wrong direction, but I can't let this just go because this was bad." If you don't like somebody, it's easy just to walk away. But if they're doing something that you don't like, but it's really not their fault, you can't just walk away. That becomes the internal battle for both Kyle and Jessi.

Do we get to see Jessi kind of experience some of the typical or normal teenage life in the last half of the season?

Jaimie Alexander: That is something that they explore a lot more. When we would get the scripts, we were like, "Wow, I didn't know they were going to go this route." So it was actually kind of a pleasant surprise. You'll get to see that she gets to experience a lot of what like high school is like. For the viewers, its going to be like watching these kids go through high school. They have the same issues as most of the kids that are in high school right now. And that's what I think I like the most about it and they don't sugarcoat anything.

But Jessi is an outcast and she will go through certain things like normal kids go through everyday in high school, but you'll get to see how she deals with it. There's a lot of shows that are so Afterschool Special and they'll show, "Oh, this is how you get away from this." No, not with her. You see the worst of it and the best of it. But yes, she gets to experience high school life and what it's like to be a high school kid and a normal teenager. I like that they did that this season.

You can see Jaimie Alexander and the rest of the cast of Kyle XY on the ABC Family Channel on Mondays at 8 PM ET.