Actress Jaimie Alexander has been tweeting up a storm on her Twitter account about her stunt trainingn for the anticipated superhero film Thor. Take a look at some of her upcoming tweets.

1st day of stunt training for Thor... kinda nervous :) RELATED: Dune Director Thinks 'Cut and Paste' Marvel Movies Are Turning Us All Into Zombies

wow.......that was pretty dang tough....but a sh*t ton of fun!!!! :) :) need to sit in an ice bath for beyond SORE!

is feeling very productive today! working my butt off!! :)

day two of stunt training: complete! :)

is off to train :) getting so much stronger!!! :)

is gearing up for a full week of stunts! :) I LOVE MY JOB!

Thor stars Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins, Jaimie Alexander, Colm Feore, Samuel L. Jackson and Stellan Skarsgard and is set for release on May 11, 2011.