The cast of director D.J. Caruso's new film has been growing over the past month and now another cast member has been added. MTV Movies Blog is reporting that Jake Abel (Percy Jackson & the Olympians: Lightning Thief) has joined the cast of I Am Number Four.

The site revealed that Abel will play Mark, one of the "social rivals" of Number Four (Alex Pettyfer), an alien disguised as a human teenager who comes to Earth after fleeing his home planet. Here's how Abel described his character to the site.

"Mark is a football player at the school and he's skeptical of [Pettyer's Number Four] because he's trying to move in on his ex-girlfriend," Abel said. "He's the high school jock who's just loaded with insecurities. He masks them with his bravado and intimidation, but he's threatened because this new kid is coming to school and there's a lot of attention on him. A lot is happening around him."

Abel also revealed that he was attracted to the role because of director D.J. Caruso's involvement on the film.

"What attracted me to it was D.J. Caruso, hands down," he explained. "I think he's really talented and has potential to be phenomenal. When we did the reading process for the audition, the notes that he gave me, we kind of spoke the same language. I'm really excited to see how he handles the situation on set."

D.J. Caruso is directing from the adapted script by Smallville creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar and Marti Noxon. No production schedule was released for the film.