Green Hornet: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kevin Smith is zeroing in on an actor to jump into the Green Hornet suit. The filmmaker -- currently prepping for the March 26 release of Miramax Films' Jersey Girl, starring Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler -- has met with Jake Gyllenhaal about taking the title role in the Miramax project, sources confirmed. Thanks to a positive chat with the actor about the famed character and the direction of the potential franchise, Smith is now interested in casting Gyllenhaal as the crime-fighting superhero who also doubles as Daily Sentinel publisher Britt Reid.

Other names may still be in the mix, but sources said Gyllenhaal appears to fit Smith's current conception of the character. If all works out, it would be Gyllenhaal's second brush with a superhero suit: He had been put on standby to step in as Peter Parker/Spider-Man last year when, for a brief time, it looked as if Tobey Maguire might be exiting the Sony franchise.