Jake Paul isn't concerned about the recent FBI raid at his home. The YouTube star was seen out in public walking his dog where he spoke to photographers. The YouTuber/boxer released a brief video online about the raid and wants his fans to make sure they don't believe any rumors that are floating around about him, which he calls "absurd." Paul wants the world to know that the FBI raid was specifically about the Scottsdale looting incident and that it has nothing to do with anything in regard to tax evasion or anything else. "There are rumors about it having to do with so many other things that have nothing to do with me or my character," he explained. "The sh*t that people are making up is absolutely absurd."

Jake Paul is claiming that the FBI raid was a direct result from the Scottsdale looting charges and that he is not concerned about the investigation at all. He goes on to say that he had someone in his inner circle who did something malicious, though he does not go into detail about who or what went down. He does claim that the person in question has been cut from his inner circle, noting that he does not put up with malicious people in his life.

The YouTuber has since deleted the short video, which was also used to promote his upcoming boxing match with NBA star Nate Robinson. The fight has been postponed, supposedly by Robinson, who claims he has to train further. Boxing and music are what Paul is concentrating on at the moment, not the FBI investigation where they took numerous weapons.

Jake Paul will concentrate on his training and his music to help stay focused. When it was revealed that the FBI raided his home, all kinds of rumors started swirling, with tax evasion being the number one most-reported. There were plenty of others that went into dark places, but Paul apparently has no worries about it, which could come off as odd to some people looking at the situation from afar. It's never really a good thing when the FBI and SWAT team show up at someone's house early in the morning and without warning.

In other Jake Paul news, his brother, Logan, is offering up $10,000 to any influencer that can beat him in a wrestling match. Several people have come forward and stated that they'd do it for free, just to have a chance at knocking him out. Bradley Martin and Jeremy McCellan have responded and stated that they'll do it, and it looks like Martin, who is much bigger than Paul, will be the one to step into the ring. So far, Logan Paul doesn't have the best record, so this could be some easy money for Martin. You can watch Jake Paul's now-deleted video explaining his side of the story below, thanks to the Bread Batch Instagram page.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick