While many out there await the return of Daniel Craig as 007, it seems the wait may be a bit longer than intended. MI6.co.uk is reporting that production on James Bond 23 has been delayed because of the financial situation at the franchise's distributor, MGM. Here's some of what producer Michael G. Wilson had to say.

"Well, our timeline's a little up in the air what with the situation at MGM, so we have to be flexible. We just don't know enough about the situation to comment, but we know it's uncertain."
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While we reported last month that the franchise's new screenwriter Peter Morgan claimed this film had a "shocking story," it seems that the story isn't entirely locked down as of yet, according to Wilson.

"Well... we've hired the writers and we've been working with them but it's just too early to say anything," he said. "You know, often at this stage, I find myself saying, 'Oh, we're gonna do this and that', then six months from now you'll say, 'That isn't in the film at all - you told me it was...' I think we're at the stage where a lot of ideas are floating around that sound very good, but whether they make the final cut, who knows?"

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