The villain in the next 007 adventure has been widely rumored to be Ernst Stavro Blofeld, with Michael Sheen said to be taking on the part. This was reported over more than a year ago, and the same rumor has started to resurface in recent weeks. But there has been no confirmation on that fact. Today, we are hearing that Blofeld, who has appeared in seven previous Bond installments, actually won't be in James Bond 23.

Instead, another old rumor that reaches as far back as March of 2010 is starting to rise again. Apparently producers are still hoping to get Rachel Weisz as an as-yet-unnamed enemy of 007. Her character, as reported by various sources more than a year ago, will be the head of the sinister organization behind the villainy in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.

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Rachel Weisz had also previously been eyed as James Bond 23's central Bond girl, but producers feared they wouldn't be able to lock Weisz in due to her current romantic ties to leading man Daniel Craig. The two will be seen together in the upcoming thriller Dream House.

James Bond 23 is tentatively set to be titled Red Sky at Night. Ian Fleming's catalogue also has three titles left that have not yet been used, The Property of a Lady, Risico, and The Hildebrand Rarity, all of which are also being considered.