Just a few weeks ago, a rumor broke that the team behind Bond 24 was seeking a new henchman that is comparable to iconic 007 characters Oddjob and Jaws. Latino Review now reports that the job has gone to none other than Guardians of the Galaxy scene stealer and WWE Superstar Dave Bautista.

The role is described as an 'iconic baddy'. His name is Hinx, and producers were seeking an actor between 30 and 45 years of age that is ideally over 6 feet tall. He will be the main henchmen, a physically fit assassin who fights with Bond. Dave Bautista will require extensive fight training and stunt coordinating, and he will have to do some driver's training as well. The producers were rumored to be seeking a sports personality, and that's what they have indeed landed.

Bond 24 will begin shooting on December 6, with Daniel Craig reprising his role as secret agent 007. Skyfall director Sam Mendes will return to direct, with the story to be a continuation of that last film. A majority of this new James Bond adventure will be shot at Pinewood Studios in England, where Star Wars: Episode VII is continuing to shoot. The movie will also shoot on location in Austria, Rome and possibly Morocco.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange