The James Bond 25 production now has people on bathroom patrol. The news comes after another peeping tom episode has been reported from the closed set bathrooms at Pinewood Studios. Back at the end of June, a man was arrested after Pinewood security found hidden cameras placed in the women's bathrooms. He was charged with voyeurism and could face up to two years in jail, along with a hefty fine to go along with it. It is unclear if the man has been charged at this time. However, this story unfolds a little differently than the first restroom incident.

This time, an unidentified man slipped his smart phone underneath the stall to film a woman using the restroom without her consent. The woman eventually saw what was happening and immediately ran out of the bathroom screaming for help while yelling for someone to find the man who was filming her. As of this writing, the unidentified man was able to get away and still has not been found by authorities. Pinewood Studios has since beefed up security and now has someone patrolling the Bond 25 toilets to look out for any other potential weirdness that may go down.

If all of that wasn't bad enough, it is believed the peeping tom is a member of the Bond 25 crew. Access to the set is tight since it is reserved for the cast and crew of the highly anticipated sequel and the investigation is ongoing. For now, even with the bathroom patrols going, women have reportedly been advised to visit the restroom in groups to make sure this type of incident doesn't happen again. This is just another problem to add to the pile for the production of Bond 25, which may have been cursed.

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Bond 25 star Daniel Craig was injured very early on in the production and had to sit out for an entire month due to surgery and the following rehabilitation. The actor famously said he didn't want to come back to play the character again, which may have been where all of this negative energy surrounding the sequel started from. With that being said, he is back on the set and things are apparently going a lot smoother than they were before, except for the bathroom problems that keep occurring at Pinewood Studios.

Hopefully the latest peeping tom from the set of Bond 25 is found and arrested like the last one. From Grace Jones reportedly landing on set and then quickly bailing, to a crew member getting injured by an on-set explosive, things have not been running so smooth and it's beginning to look like it might be a miracle of sorts to see this movie in theaters next year. For now, we'll just have to wait and see. The Sun U.K. was the first to report about the latest Bond 25 bathroom drama.

Kevin Burwick