Madeleine Swann is coming back for more adventure with 007 in James Bond 25. Director Cary Fukunaga has revealed that Léa Seydoux, who previously played the part of Madeleine Swann in 2015's Spectre, will reprise the role in the upcoming entry in the long-running franchise alongside Daniel Craig, who is making this his final go around as the iconic MI6 spy. As for what that means for the story? It's certainly going to be directly connected to the events of Spectre and won't see Craig doing more of a standalone for his fifth and final Bond outing.

Cary Fukunaga previously indicated that he wanted to continue the story that started way back in Daniel Craig's first entry, Casino Royale. Previous Bonds within the history of the franchise have largely had their movies stand on their own without being too heavily tied into the movie that came before. In the case of Craig's run, his movies have been heavily serialized and it doesn't sound like Fukunaga is interested in changing that, now that he's the one steering the ship. Having Madeleine Swann back very firmly connects it to Spectre, a movie that was largely viewed as a step down when compared to its predecessor, Skyfall.

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In addition to Lea Seydoux, it's also been confirmed that Ben Whishaw (Q) Ralph Fiennes (M) and Naomie Harris (Moneypenny) will be back for James Bond 25. Given that their characters are staples of the franchise, it's not at all surprising to hear. Cary Fukunaga also indicated that he would be interested in having Christoph Waltz return as Blofeld. But he also noted that the script is being worked on currently, so any previous rumors about characters not returning could be thrown out the window. This is going to be a new movie under his watch.

Previously, Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire) had been hired to direct the movie, but departed just months ahead of shooting, citing creative differences. John Hodge (Trainspotting) had written a script for Boyle's version that is being at the very least reworked, but probably thrown out. Franchise regulars Neal Purvis and Robert Wade are working on the script alongside Cary Fukunaga. The plan is to begin production in March of next year. Unfortunately, the delay means that the previous November 2019 release date is no longer happening. That also means this is going to be the longest gap between movies in the history of the franchise while the same actor has held the role.

Another thing worth mentioning that rumors have floated around stating On Her Majesty's Secret Service, George Lazenby's one and only Bond movie, could, in part, inspire the story. Does that mean we'll see Madeleine Swann die at the hands of Blofeld, sending our dear boy James on a path of revenge? Just something to ponder while we wait for more official details. We'll have to see what Daniel Craig does in his 007 swan song when James Bond 25 arrives in theaters on February 14, 2020. This news was first reported by The Daily Mail.