Right now there are quite a few rumors and little bits of news floating around in regards to James Bond 25. So much so that, even if many of them aren't true, or are only partially true, it seems like things are coming together behind-the-scenes and that we will be finding out some more concrete details about 007's next adventure pretty soon. And if one of these rumors turns out to be true, it looks like none other than Christopher Nolan could be the man directing James Bond 25.

Before you get too excited, this rumor is well worth taking a look at if you are a fan of James Bond, or a fan of Christopher Nolan as a director, but this is far from confirmed. So it should be regarded as a rumor and only a rumor. At least for now. With that said, a recently discovered listing on IMDBPro, via Metro, has Christopher Nolan's production company Syncopy listed for James Bond 25. Even if that is true, that doesn't necessarily mean that Nolan will direct the movie as well, but it certainly lends some credibility to the idea that it could happen.

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As of right now, Eon Productions is dealing with a bidding war between several studios for the rights to distribute future James Bond movies. No announcement has been made, but if Syncopy is involved, that would suggest that Warner Bros. came out on top, given that Syncopy and Warner Bros. have worked together on pretty much every Christopher Nolan movie for more than a decade. But even that has yet to be confirmed and if Eon Productions hasn't settled on what studio they are partnering with for James Bond 25, it isn't likely they have picked a director. However, if Warner Bros. has already won the war behind-the-scenes, it is possible that putting Christopher Nolan in the director's chair was a way to sweeten the pot. That is purely speculative, but that would definitely be something that Sony and Fox couldn't offer.

There are plenty of other things to consider here. For one, Christopher Nolan doesn't come cheap, though, he is a lifelong fan of the James Bond series and hasn't been shy about letting that influence bleed over into his movies. There was also a recent report that claimed Sherlock and Victor Frankenstein director Paul McGuigan was in the running to helm James Bond 25. Perhaps he, or another yet to be determined talent will direct the movie with Christopher Nolan producing? Again, Syncopy's involvement does not guarantee that Nolan will direct the movie.

The other major factor is who will be playing 007 this time around. Unless something has been decided that the public has not yet been made aware of, Daniel Craig has yet to decide if he'll return for James Bond 25. That decision will affect what happens with the movie in a lot of ways, so that needs to be settled. If he doesn't come back, other names that have been mentioned include Michael Fassbender, Idris Elba, Aidan Turner and Tom Hardy, who stated that he would play Bond if Christopher Nolan were to direct. So that's something worth chewing on as well.

What we do know about James Bond 25 is that long time franchise writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade are writing it. There were also reports that the production was looking to shoot in Croatia, possibly later this year. With Dunkirk about to release this June, Christopher Nolan's schedule is open and he could direct the movie, were the opportunity to arise. We'll have to see how this all shakes out, but this may be the most interesting Bond rumor to come around in a while.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott