Perhaps we won't know who is going to direct James Bond 25 until it finds a proper home with a distributor, as Sony and Warner Bros. continue to fight for the rights, alongside Amazon and Apple, with plenty of other studios vying for the option to own a piece of 007. But now we know who Daniel Craig wants. And it's none other than Blade Runner 2049 director Denis Villeneuve.

Denis Villeneuve is at the top of Daniel Craig's personal wish list, according to Daily Mail. The sequel is in the very early days of pre-production, and as far as everyone knows, the screenplay isn't even locked in at this stage. The movie will be the fifth and final time that Craig returns as 007. So whoever takes the helm, you can expected it to be someone special.

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There have been a number of unsubstantiated rumors floating around about James Bond 25. Some have claimed that the title is Shatterhand and that the main villain will be a blind man. The story is said to revolve around a retired Bond who seeks revenge on his wife's killer. Just like an old CHiPs episode. Some have called it the Taken of the Bond franchise. News also leaked that Beyonce is the frontrunner to do the new theme song.

Craig is said to really be pushing for Denis Villeneuve. The man has been on a hot streak, directing critical hits like Arrival and Prisoners. He also turned in the surprise blockbuster drug drama thriller Sicario, which is getting a sequel next year. And he also directed the thriller Enemy.

Right now, Villeneuve has been doing the press rounds for Blade Runner 2049, which hits theaters next month. He is also scheduled to direct the long-gestating remake of Dune. Other directors who have been up for the Job include Yann Demange, who directed '71.

Bond producer Barbara Broccoli recently confirmed that she won't rule out a female director for the next 007 adventure, though no women have been mentioned in the running. If that happened, it would be a first for the series. At this time, no release date, or even a start date have been officially announced for James Bond 25. It all depends on what happens with the rights. It's expected that something will be announced by MGM and EON productions by the end of the year.

Until that time, we'll all have to wait and watch how this unfolds. No other actors have been formally announced just yet. And aside from Daniel Craig's return, there isn't anything else that is official about this sequel. If the rights issue doesn't get figured out soon, we might not see Bond return on the big screen until 2019 or 2020, which would make for a one of the biggest gaps between Bond movies in a very long time.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
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