Is James Bond 25 cursed? We've known from the start that star Daniel Craig didn't really want to return, reluctantly confirming his final performance late last year. Since then, the production has certainly seen its downs, with not too many ups to account for. And now the production has to contend with an explosion that got a little out of hand.

Danny Boyle exited the project after being hired as a director, leaving the production in limbo for an unexpected stretch. It took shooting forever to get going. Then Daniel Craig injured his ankle, sidelining him for 2 weeks. Now, an on-set explosion has caused some damage and injured one crew member. The official James Bond twitter had this to say about the accident.

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"During the filming of a controlled explosion on the set of Bond 25 today at Pinewood Studios, damage was caused to the exterior of the 007 Stage. There were no injuries on set, however one crew member outside the stage has sustained a minor injury."

The injuries were not immediately reported, so it's not known how minor they are, or who sustained them at this time. The explosion was being 'controlled' by the pyrotechnics crew under supervision, and wasn't unexpected when it happened, it just happened to grow beyond control. It isn't known how badly the sets were damaged either, or if this will cause another delay in shooting.

This is definitely another set back for what is the 25th installment in the James Bond franchise. It isn't believed that Daniel Craig had returned to set yet from his foot injury during a stunt while shooting in Jamaica. He has been on a two-week sabbatical for rehabilitation.

What is known is that the explosion caused damage to the exterior of the 007 set at Pinewood Studios in England. Nothing else is being reported at this time. James Bond 25 is still going without a proper title, though we've heard Shatterhand thrown around quite a bit all throughout the development and pre-production process.

The movie has faced one set back after another. Danny Boyle's exit delayed the movie quite a bit, bumping it from the intended October 2019 release date to next Valentine's Day, and then to April 2020. Cary Joji Fukunaga took over directorial duties after Boyle couldn't come to an agreement about the story with producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson.

Daniel Craig's sustained ankle injury came when he was running for a scene, not a heavily involved stunt. Britain's Sun tabloid had this from unnamed source about that accident.

"He was sprinting during filming when he slipped and fell quite awkwardly. He was in quite a lot of pain and was complaining about his ankle."

Daniel Craig also had a rough go of it on the previous Bond sequel Spectre, which came out in 2015. His experience shooting the movie was so bad, he at one point claimed he'd rather slit his wrists than return for another installment. Watching as this latest 007 adventure unspools, we get a good sense as to way he might feel that way.

Daniel Craig's injury did not cause a delay in shooting, with other scenes being shot in his absence. The ensemble cast also features recent Oscar-winner Rami Malek, Ana De Armas, Lashana Lynch, David Dencik, Billy Magnussen, Dali Benssalah, Lea Seydoux, Jeffrey Wright, Ben Whishaw, Rory Kinnear, Naomie Harris and Ralph Fiennes. Shooting will continue in the coming months on locations in London, Italy and Norway. This update comes from the official James Bond Twitter.

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