The set of James Bond 25 has been in the news quite a bit lately. Now, a man has been arrested after police discovered hidden cameras placed in the toilets of Pinewood Studios. The unnamed man reportedly placed hidden cameras in the women's restrooms. It isn't clear how long the camera have been there, but they were discovered earlier this week. Thames Valley Police said the unnamed 49-year old man has been arrested over the incident and remains in police custody.

The man is being charged with voyeurism and faces up to two years behind bars if convicted, along with a sizable fine. The act is considered a sex crime and the Thames Valley Police are not taking the situation lightly. Pinewood Studios is also prepared to help in any way they can. A spokeswoman for Pinewood Studios had this to say.

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"We take this issue very seriously. We have reported the incident to the police and are supporting them with their investigation."

Nobody from the Bond 25 production has commented on the matter, as of this writing. Earlier in the week, the Prince of Wales visited the set and met stars Daniel Craig and Ralph Fiennes, along with director Cary Fukunaga. The Prince apparently made a joke about explosions on the set, referencing a recent stunt explosion which landed a crew member in the hospital. The controlled explosion also damaged part of the Bond 25 set and was apparently a lot bigger than originally anticipated by everyone. Thankfully, the crew member is said to be okay and only had minor injuries.

As for Daniel Craig, this past week marked his first time back to the Bond 25 set after sustaining an ankle injury while shooting. The actor was out for a month and had to go through physical therapy in order to make his return. While he was out, the production continued on and shot scenes that did not involve Craig. As for all of the drama surrounding the highly anticipated sequel, much of it has been fabricated, according to star Rami Malek and director Cary Fukunaga. A report surface earlier this week claiming Fukunaga was showing up late to the set because of his video game habit, but the director denies this is the case.

Bond 25 is set to be Daniel Craig's last time portraying the iconic character on the big screen and fans are going to be sad to see him go. The actor originally did not want to participate in the sequel, noting he'd rather slash his wrists than ever come back. He went on to further say he was finished with the franchise, only for an announcement to be made a short time later that he was indeed returning. Whatever the case may be, he seems to be okay with his decision now. CNN U.K. was the first to report about the bathroom cameras on the set of Bond 25.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick