A dramatic chase scene from James Bond 25 has found its way online. The movie is currently shooting in Norway and we appear to be seeing a mysterious new villain, who is wearing a mask. It has been heavily rumored that Rami Malek is playing the main antagonist in the highly anticipated sequel, but he is not featured in the leaked images and footage. With that being said, Daniel Craig is not featured in the footage either and reportedly has not been seen on set yet. There are potential SPOILERS for James Bond 25 below, so read ahead at your own risk.

This mysterious James Bond 25 villain is wearing a Phantom of the Opera-type of mask, which obscures most of his face. He appears to be wounded and is chasing a young girl through the snow. The footage shows the girl stop and then acts like she falls through the ice. The fall through the ice will more than likely be done in post-production. After the fall, the masked man begins shooting through the ice. It's a pretty decent amount of footage from a movie that many didn't even know was officially in production.

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As for who the mysterious villain is, that is unclear at this time. However, there have been whispers that the leaked scene could be a flashback with a young Madeleine Swann, though that is pure speculation at this time. The frozen lake scene was previously reported earlier this week, but it had not been officially confirmed that James Bond 25 was shooting. It's believed that they rushed to get this scene finished while the weather was still on their side because the screenplay is reportedly not finished yet.

James Bond 25 is set to be directed by Cary Fukunaga, who took over from Danny Boyle after he left the project due to "creative differences" last summer. Boyle recently broke his silence on his departure and revealed that his vision for the sequel was incomplete. However, the director believes that his take could have been "really good." When asked about his version, Boyle had this to say.

"We were working very, very well, but (the producers) didn't want to go down that route with us. So we decided to part company, and it would be unfair to say what it was because I don't know what Cary (Fukunaga) is going to do."

James Bond 25 is set to hit theaters on April 8th, 2020. After some pretty major speedbumps, fans should be happy to know that the movie is officially happening and that the cameras are currently rolling. With that being said, there will probably be a break in shooting to finish and fine tune the screenplay before Daniel Craig finds himself on the set. For now, the actor has been reportedly working out for 12 hours a day to get prepared. You can check out the James Bond 25 set pictures and video below, thanks to The Mirror U.K.