Despite the fact that we still have no idea who is actually going to be playing 007 in the next installment of the franchise, it seems like James Bond 25 is moving ahead. We recently reported that the production is in advanced negotiations to shoot in Croatia later this year, which means that the creative team must have a pretty good idea of who is going on a mission for MI6 this time around. According to Daniel Craig's Skyfall and Spectre co-star Naomie Harris, there is a very good chance he will be back for the next James Bond movie.

The 40-year-old actress, who stars in the Oscar-nominated Moonlight and has been playing Moneypenny in James Bond as of late, recently spoke with BBC and the subject of the next installment of the long-standing spy franchise came up. Things have been uncertain since Spectre, with Daniel Craig initially saying that he would rather "slash his wrists" than play the character again. He later walked back those comments, saying that he would miss playing Bond terribly, but he is still reportedly undecided about returning. Naomie Harris gave us all hope that he is, in fact, coming back. Here is what she had to say.

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"I really don't think that they've moved on from Daniel. I think there's a very good chance that Daniel will come back. I think it's way too early to be thinking about other people at this stage...I think the fact that the last two Bonds, Spectre and Skyfall, have been the highest-grossing Bond movies of all time shows that people love him as Bond, and they desperately want him to return. And I don't think Daniel is immune to that... I think he's very aware, so I think that adds an extra level of pressure. But he has to ultimately do what feels right to him. But I know that we, as a cast, collectively want him back. I know that Barbara and Michael, our producers, desperately want him back, so I think the only person that needs persuading is Daniel."

If it is indeed Daniel Craig playing the role of 007 in James Bond 25, the series will likely be continuing the storyline that was left somewhat open-ended at the end of Spectre, which saw him seemingly walking away from things with Madeleine (Lea Seydoux) and deciding not to kill Blofeld (Christoph Waltz). If it is a new actor, they will be going in a new direction and will likely be hitting the reset button on the series to some degree. So far, names like Michael Fassbender, Tom Hiddleston, Aidan Turner and Idris Elba have all been thrown around. Tom Hardy recently expressed interest in possibly taking on the role if Christopher Nolan were in the director's chair.

With the most recent reports claiming that shooting will take place in Croatia later this year, it does imply that behind the scenes, things must be coming together. It also stands to reason that the producers wouldn't just slide another actor in for Daniel Craig and just continue on with the rest of the same cast from Spectre. So, given that Naomie Harris seems like she has at least been somewhat in contact with the studio, it feels more and more like Sony and MGM have managed to coax Daniel Craig back for at least one more go as the iconic Ian Fleming character.

There is no release date set for James Bond 25, but we do know that director Sam Mendes won't be back. As for who could direct, John Wick director Chad Stahelski recently expressed interest in taking on the franchise. We'll have to continue waiting until some official statement is released, but this is an encouraging bit of news for those who want Daniel Craig to get one more shot at it.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott