We still don't know exactly who is going to be putting on the tux in James Bond 25, but we do have an interesting candidate for the villain. You just might have to keep an open mind for this one. Rainn Wilson, the man who is responsible for bringing Dwight Schrute to life on The Office, wants to play the next Bond bad guy.

The actor recently spoke with Cinemablend about his upcoming role as Gargamel in Smurfs: The Lost Village. During the course of the conversation, it somehow came up that he would actually love to play a villain in a James Bond movie, even though he understands that it would be a long shot. Here is what he had to say about it.

"Boy I would love to play a Bond villain one day but I highly doubt that's gonna happen. I highly doubt the producers of Bond are gonna go, 'Let's get the guy who played Dwight on The Office to go play a Bond villain.' But I would die happy if I got to play a Bond villain."

Rainn Wilson probably isn't, or at least wasn't, the first name on anyone's list to play a villain in a James Bond movie. But he actually could make for a pretty interesting choice and would be quite different from anything we have seen, at least in the recent history of the franchise. Afterall, comedic actors do often make great dramatic actors. His co-star on The Office, Steve Carell wound up turning in an Oscar-nominated performance in Foxcatcher not long ago. So who's to say that Rainn Wilson couldn't step up and play a great villain? Especially considering that plenty of Bond villains have had a campy element to them.

As far as James Bond 25 goes, there haven't been any official casting announcements made. That probably has a lot to do with the fact that it, at least publicly, is unclear if Daniel Craig will be returning for one last go as 007. The producers want him back and they recently confirmed that writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade are returning to write the next installment. That would seem to imply they have some idea of who is going to be playing Bond in the upcoming movie. If it isn't Craig, other actors that have been rumored for the part include Tom Hiddleston, Michael Fassbender, Idris Elba and Tom Hardy. There were also reports that the production was in final negotiations to shoot in Croatia, possibly later this year. That said, if Daniel Craig does return, Christoph Waltz will likely return as Blofeld. So the villain will be more or less taken care of. But hey, there's always room for a henchman in there somewhere.

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Things definitely appear to be coming together for Bond 25 behind the scenes. Assuming they still need a bad guy, Rainn Wilson would clearly be happy to do it. As the actor points out, it isn't likely to happen but crazier things have happened and who knows? Maybe he can sort of will this into existence.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott