Pierce Brosnan has endorsed Tom Hardy as the man who should be the next James Bond. Hardy's name has come up plenty in the past as a popular choice amongst fans and with oddsmakers who are weighing the chances of who will eventually take over for Daniel Craig. Now, the former 007 has endorsed the popular suggestion. But is this something that could realistically happen at this point?

Starting with Goldeneye, Pierce Brosnan played Bond in a total of four movies from 1996 to 2002. His final entry Die Another Day is generally considered to be one of the worst in the more than fifty year history of the franchise. Despite that, the man has a long-standing history with the iconic MI6 spy and his endorsement for another actor to take over the role probably shouldn't be taken lightly. The actor made the statements during a recent interview while promoting the upcoming release of Mama Mia! Here We Go Again. Brosnan was musing about the future of James Bond and the idea of a woman possibly taking on the role at some point down the line, a popular idea in recent years. Here's what he had to say about it.

"Bond is Bond and you can't change that. I think a woman could play Bond but it wouldn't be James Bond. Daniel Craig has been an incredible Bond. He's very physical, he looks lethal. You genuinely believe this is someone who could kill a man. He's complained about doing the part because he's put himself through a lot physically, but he will do the next movie, and then I think Tom Hardy could be a good Bond. I'd be happy to see him do it. You need an actor who can put a bit of wiggle into it, that's what makes Bond."

Tom Hardy clearly has the physical stature, charisma and star power to pull it off. Nobody is questioning that. He also has a close relationship with director Christopher Nolan who has been rumored to be flirting with a future James Bond movie for some time now. The idea of them taking the franchise together would be amazing. However, Hardy is 40-years-old right now and is in very high demand. Daniel Craig is set to film James Bond 25 later this year under the direction of Danny Boyle for release in November 2019. That means, at the very earliest, Hardy would be taking up the mantle in 2020. That would make him roughly 42-years-old. That's a bit old to start with something like Bond.

The franchise producers will likely want to go with someone a bit younger who can carry the mantle for at least a few movies. At a rate of one movie every two or three years, it's hard to imagine that Tom Hardy could realistically be that guy by the time the producers are ready to recast 007. Still, Pierce Brosnan thinks he could be the guy and that counts for something. This news comes to us courtesy of the Daily Mail.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott