Billie Eilish has been a big part of the promotions for the upcoming James Bond movie No Time to Die, with the title song of the movie composed and performed by Eilish releasing to great critical and commercial acclaim.

The singer-songwriter was asked to weigh in on who her choice would be for a new James Bond actor after Daniel Craig exits the franchise, and Billie Eilish had her answer ready:

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"Michael B. Jordan would kill that s***."

No Time to Die marks Craig's final appearance as the Britsh secret service agent with a license to kill. The fifty-one-year-old actor has frequently spoken about how it is becoming increasingly harder to keep up with the action-heavy role, and has been very firm in stating that he is retiring from the character after No Time to Die.

As such, the media has been speculating endlessly about which new actor will take on the mantle of Bond. The general consensus is that a british actor will be asked to replace Craig, as has been the case in most previous iterations of the character. With that in mind, actors like Henry Cavill, Tom Hiddleston, and Idris Elba's names have been bandied back-and-forth as natural heirs to Craig's legacy.

The choice of Michael B. Jordan as Bond might give pause to some, considering he is not british and would be the first black actor to play Bond. Although the latter point may no longer be as big an issue as it would have once been, with Lashana Lynch set to appear in No Time to Die as a black, female Agent 007 who replaces Craig's Bond while he is in retirement.

If Jordan were to take the role, it would be another illustrious feather in an already impressive career. He started out with critically acclaimed roles in features like The Wire, Chronicle and Fruitvale Station, before establishing his leading man status with star-making turns in Creed and its sequel, and Black Panther, where he stole the show from Chadwick Boseman as Killmonger.

Bond is not the only role traditionally reserved for white actors that Jordan may be in the running for. The actor is rumored to be a strong contender for the role of Superman in a live-action DCEU film, and being a comics fan, Jordan has already spoken about his desire to star in a Superman film that is true to the source material.

It will be interesting to see if Eilish's name-dropping will lead to any of the people in charge of the James Bond franchise to consider the young, popular black American actor for the role, and in doing so inject some fresh interest into a franchise that has struggled to stay relevant for viewers since the past couple of Bond films.

For now, Daniel Craig is leaving no stone unturned in ensuring his swan song as Bond will be an emotionally satisfying journey for viewers, to make the movie a fitting end to what has arguably been the most popular take on the character of James Bond since the days of Sean Connery. Capital FM.