Sony heard plenty of negative feedback when it decided to go with an all-girl ensemble for its Ghostbusters reboot, in theaters this weekend. While the movie is generating some serious buzz leading into this Friday with the reviews mostly on the positive side, we can only imagine that the studio would strongly hesitate before announcing that James Bond 25 will feature a female protagonist. That still hasn't stopped some actresses in Hollywood from calling out the franchise as stale. And Equals star Kristen Stewart is definitely on the side of seeing 007 get a sex change.

While promoting her sci-fi Romeo and Juliet drama Equals, in theaters later this month, she declared that Sony should definitely consider going the female James Bond route. This isn't a new idea. And just this past May, X-Files star Gillian Anderson threw her hat in the ring to play the super spy. Stewart simply thinks the movies have gone past their expiration date. And the franchise needs a good shake-up. She says this to E! Online.

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"Yeah, but that's getting a little stale. You start off as the Bond girl and then you think it's just the girlfriend and then you're like, 'She's actually [Bond]'. In the trailer, it's him and then [a] bait and switch."

Kristen Stewart doesn't say she actually wants to play what some have dubbed Jane Bond. Gillian Anderson simply doesn't think Sony would ever commit to such a chance. Priyanka Chopra is another actress eyeing the role though, saying she would definitely prefer playing 007 as opposed to playing a Bond girl. Even actress Elizabeth Banks calls it a 'dream role'.

Kristen Stewart stars in Equals with X-Men's Beast, Nicholas Hoult. The actor's name has come up in recent months in terms of taking on 007, as Daniel Craig mulls over whether or not he will return one last time as 007. But Hoult is quick to squash any rumors that he might even be interested in playing the character. And for one very good reason that most fans will probably agree with.

"I think I'm a bit too young, to be honest."

Unless it's an origin story, Kristen Stewart is also perhaps still too young to play a female James Bond. But she did have fun with the spy genre in last summer's sleeper hit America Ultra. Fans can see Stewart and Hoult in Equals right now on DirecTV. It lands in theaters on July 22. At this time, no new Bond has been announced by Sony and it's still unclear whether or not Daniel Craig will return, even though he is contractually obligated to make one more movie.