The day where we get a female version of James Bond (perhaps in that instance not James Bond) may never come. But it is an idea that has gained a little more traction in recent years, especially with Daniel Craig getting ready to hang it up as 007 after the release of No Time to Die later this year. Should we ever get to a point where a female Bond is on the table, Priyanka Chopra would like to have her hat thrown in the ring.

Priyanka Chopra, known for her roles in Baywatch and We Can Be Heroes, recently discussed the prospect in an interview. For her, it's more about the idea of people being ready to see something like a gender-swapped James Bond. But if that day ever comes, she is down to be the one who takes up the mantle. Here's what she had to say about it.

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'I mean, it's not up to me to make it a thing. It's up to people to be ready to watch a female Bond. We can keep talking about it, but someone's got to make it. And if it ever gets made, I would obviously love to throw my name in the mix, as I have, as I will. But I'll just also be a champion of being able to see a female version of really iconic characters. Just for the ability to give the opportunity to a female character to be able to enjoy that, as well."

This remains a huge "if." While franchise producer Barbara Broccoli has indicated she is interested in having a woman behind the camera for a future entry in the franchise, the idea of making 007 a woman is an entirely different issue. That said, strides have been made recently behind the scenes.

No Time to Die stars Lashana Lynch, who viewers may know from her role in Captain Marvel. Lynch will be taking up the mantle of 007 at MI6 in the upcoming movie. Daniel Craig's Bond has left active service and, in his absence, her character Nomi took his place. This does not make her the new Bond necessarily, but it does mar, the first time in the history of the iconic series that a female has held the title of 007. That is significant. It remains to be seen how the general moviegoing public will respond to the change.

No matter who it is, someone will need to step up and fill the shoes left behind by Daniel Craig. The producers have said they haven't filled the position yet and they won't do so until Craig's tenure is done. Popular choices include Henry Cavill and Tom Hardy. More recently, Bridgerton star Rege Jean-Page has emerged as a potential candidate. If things go in a radically different direction, perhaps we can add Priyanka Chopra to the list. Next up for Chopra is The Matrix 4, which is set to arrive later this year. This news comes to us via Metro.