It is hard to imagine that anyone knows the role of James Bond better than Roger Moore. More people may think of Sean Connery as the iconic spy, but Roger Moore played him just as many times, without any breaks between installments. That being the case, he recently got to weigh in on how he felt about the idea of a female James Bond possibly happening at some point.

The actor was recently interviewed on Talk Radio in the U.K. and was asked about the female James Bond thing. For those who may not be aware, actresses like X-Files star Gillian Anderson and Twilight star Kristen Stewart have expressed interest in taking up the 007 mantle. Roger Moore wasn't too big on the idea, but he wasn't without his reasons. Here is what he had to say.

"You could have a female, a Jane Bond, but it would have nothing to do with James Bond. No, Bond is Bond."

It isn't that Roger Moore is necessarily being sexist or anything like that, he may have a point. James Bond is a male character with a male perspective and that is what drives the character. It simply wouldn't be the same thing if you had a woman as 007. Sure, there could be a female-led spy thriller in the same universe following the adventures of a different MI6 agent, but as Moore said, "Bond is Bond."

Obviously, there is almost no way that the producers of the Bond series would cast a woman in the role, as Gillian Anderson herself joked that it is not "Jane Bond," but it is in fact James Bond. Though, there have been plenty of examples over the years of social media campaigns getting the attention of producers, so it is possible that all of the fan attention could put a star like Anderson on the radar of Sony and MGM, but that doesn't mean she would get the role of 007. However, Anderson could fit into the world of Bond as another 00 agent at MI6 or maybe even a villain. This is, of course, major speculation, but it isn't exactly that hard to imagine.

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Roger Moore also weighed in on who he thinks would make a good James Bond if Daniel Craig does indeed decide to step away from the franchise. His pick was Poldark star Aiden Turner, whose name has been bandied about for a little while now for the role. Roger Moore's endorsement should mean something, as he played James Bond for 12 years from 1973 to 1985, starting with Live and Let Die and ending with A View to a Kill.

The role of James Bond has been a big question mark ever since the release of Spectre last year. Daniel Craig initially seemed as though he was truly done with the franchise, but recently walked back some of his statements, saying that he would really miss playing 007 and seemingly opening the door for a return. Sony and MGM want him back, so if he wants to do another one (or two), they are going to let him. If not, the door is open for someone like Aiden Turner, or maybe even a Gillian Anderson (but probably not) to take up the mantle of James Bond, or Jane Bond, if you will.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott