Things have been a little quiet on the James Bond front as of late after a flurry of rumors over the last month or so surrounding who may be taking over for Daniel Craig as 007. Things are still uncertain as to whether or not Craig is going to return, but if he doesn't, Thor star Tom Hiddleston is still regarded as the frontrunner. Unless you have been sleeping under a rock or simply don't care, you might know that Hiddleston just so happens to be dating Taylor Swift. What does that have to do with James Bond 25? We're glad you asked.

What is about to be said needs to be taken with a massive grain of salt, but it isn't completely inconceivable, so let's dig in. A new rumor that comes from an unnamed source by way of TMZ claims that Taylor Swift is dating Tom Hiddleston because she wants to play a Bond girl in the next movie. Being that Hiddleston may very well be next in line for the part, that may be her way in the door. This theory was supposedly cooked up by Swift's ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris, who is reportedly quite bitter over the fact that Swift just went to the U.K. to meet Hiddleston's mom.

As of right now, Sony and MGM say that no decision has been made regarding Daniel Craig and his future as James Bond and also said that it is going to be a while before any official announcement is made. Last month, bookies were forced to stop taking bets on Hiddleston to play 007 next, because the odds tipped so heavily in his favor that they were all very concerned about losing a bunch of money. He is still largely considered the frontrunner, but he debunked the rumors recently. It isn't like he would be able to say anything other than that at this point. Paul Rudd famously denied the Ant-Man rumors point blank prior to the official announcement, so that happens often enough.

Now, back to this whole Taylor Swift nonsense. She does have a bit of a history as an actress, but never something as large as taking on the role of a Bond girl, let alone being the first Bond girl in the first movie that would feature the man taking over for Daniel Craig as 007. She had bit parts in The Giver, Valentine's Day and she lent her voice for the animated feature The Lorax. Granted, not every Bond girl (in fact, many of them) don't exactly have an impressive resume. Often times, the main qualification is how good they look in a revealing dress or a bikini. By most accounts, check and check. Odds are though, this is never going to come to pass.

Who knows? Maybe Swift is more interested in doing the theme song for the next James Bond movie than she is acting in it. That seems more likely, though still very unlikely. If Tom Hiddleston does get cast as Bond, there is almost no way that the producers would want the circus that would come along with casting his very famous popstar girlfriend as the next Bond girl. If we find out that Damien Lewis is the real front runner for the part and Taylor Swift starts dating him, I guess we'll know for sure.