James Bond fans can finally let the dream die. Idris Elba will not be playing the iconic MI6 spy once Daniel Craig retires. Despite the persistent rumors that the actor was being eyed to potentially take over the franchise down the road, and a strong desire from many online to see that happen, it's officially been shot down by the actor himself. This dream casting appears to be as dead as anything has ever died.

Idris Elba has come up in the past in connection to 007. Most commonly as a fan choice for the role. However, some recent rumors cropped up that connected him to the actual producers of the franchise as a contender for the next James Bond. Those rumors were debunked, but that didn't necessarily mean that Elba was taking the possibility off the table. Until Now. During a recent interview, when asked point blank about it, the actor had a blunt one word answer to offer those holding out hope on whether he was going to play James Bond or not.


There you have it. Doesn't get much more cut and dry, as far as these things go. Idris Elba had previously indicated that he felt he was too old for the role at this point in his career. Elba is 45-years-old now, meaning that he would be pushing 50 by the time he got around to it, since Daniel Craig is still playing the part in next year's James Bond 25. Once the recent rumors cropped up, the actor also posted some tweets that strongly indicated he wasn't going to be suiting up in a tuxedo and flirting with Moneypenny any time soon. But for those Bond fans out there who really needed a definitive answer, there you have it.

Truth be told, it's probably a bit too early to be talking about who will take over for Daniel Craig once he hangs it up. James Bond 25 is gearing up to shoot this December, assuming the production timetable sticks. Danny Boyle, who was on board to direct, recently departed the project. So the search is on for someone to replace him. In any event, no matter who is behind the camera, Craig is still our guy until November 2019. That means it will be more than a year before it really makes sense to look at the next actor in line.

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For now, the producers and creative team are focused on finding someone to helm James Bond 25 who can help send Daniel Craig's 007 off in fashion. At the present time, there is no word on who they are officially looking at or whether or not there will be any delay as a result of that search. Though, there are rumors that Mission: Impossible - Fallout director Christopher McQuarrie could emerge as a frontrunner. You can check out Idris Elba's interview clip, courtesy of the Good Morning Britain YouTube channel, for yourself below.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott