Based on a new statistic released by Forbes, it has been revealed that Pierce Brosnan's James Bond was the deadliest of all of the Bonds, with a total body count of 135 kills throughout his four movie appearances. On the other side of the scale, George Lazenby's James Bond was the least deadly, only having 5 kills in his one on-screen appearance. For reference, Forbes stated that Bond has had a total of 405 kills throughout all of his appearances, meaning that Brosnan's Bond rakes in well over a quarter of those kills, despite being in only a sixth of the movies.

While this somber statistic may seem reasonable, considering that Pierce Brosnan played Bond on four separate occasions, it is still quite the surprise when considering the other actors who have played Bond. Both Sean Connery and Roger Moore played as James Bond in 7 movies, yet still did not reach the same body count as Brosnan did in his 4 appearances. Roger Moore, however, was the second deadliest Bond, with an impressive body count of 90. Even Daniel Craig, who has also appeared in 4 movies, didn't match up to Brosnan's seemingly stellar marksmanship. However, this statistic may change when Bond 25 releases, depending on how much of a killing spree the writers decide to put this depiction of Bond on.

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A commenter on Reddit, dissident87, pointed out why this revelation of Pierce Brosnan's Bond makes quite a bit of sense, saying, "Brosnan played Bond in the era of film where it was a big fad to mow down an entire room of bad guys with an AK-47 without an ounce of blood shown." Honestly, that is a rather accurate description of action movies in the '90s. While today's James Bond seems more focused on solving big plots in a visually appealing manner, the '90s Bond sold tickets by having elaborate fight sequences where James Bond manages to take down a plethora of enemies in one sitting.

Other commenters pointed out how this statistic makes even more sense considering that Brosnan's Bond was the one that inspired the hit video game Goldeneye, which was a first person shooter game that barely had any plot, and instead was just focused on killing people. While Brosnan's Bond movies may have had a bit more plot than the video game, it certainly felt a lot more violence-based than the previous Bond movies.

The statistic continued to point out that Roger Moore's Bond had the most romantic encounters, having 17 throughout his 7 movie appearances. Throughout the series, Bond reportedly had a total of 58 romantic liaisons, leaving an average of two romantic encounters per movie, proving once and for all that James Bond is indeed a womanizer.

This statistic from Forbes is certainly rather interesting, and perhaps is enough to inspire a re-watch of Pierce Brosnan's four Bond movies just to witness again how truly deadly those movies were. It also doesn't seem like this statistic will be changing any time soon. Even though Forbes didn't report exactly how many kills Daniel Craig's Bond has made, it is definitely somewhere under Roger Moore's 90, meaning that Craig will have to kill somewhere over 45 enemies during his final portrayal of Bond in 2020 if he hopes to take this top spot currently held by Pierce Brosnan.