Could Emily Blunt eventually become the first ever female James Bond? There's no real indication that the Mary Poppins Returns actress is interested, nor are we yet at the place where Daniel Craig needs to be replaced in James Bond 25, but this is now something people consider to be a real enough possibility that her odds have, quite literally, increased by a lot in recent months. You can bet on pretty much anything if you know the right people and are in the right place, and if you want to bet on a female taking over the iconic MI6 agent number 007, Emily Blunt seems like a good bet.

There is, quite literally, a lot of money riding on Emily Blunt becoming the successor to Daniel Craig in the James Bond franchise. Bettings odds at one point for Blunt were going off at 250/1, but now, she's sitting at 50/1. That's still not a sure thing to bet on by any stretch of the imagination, but it shows that she's got some heat behind her. Perhaps part of that has to do with her new movie A Quiet Place, which opens up in theaters this weekend and currently has a 100 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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Whatever the case may be, people are betting on Emily Blunt for the role. She now has the same odds as X-Files star Gillian Anderson, who has been suggested for the role by the internet over the last year or so. Taking that into account, Blunt is far from the first time we've heard of having a gender-swapped version of the James Bond franchise down the line. Charlize Theron has also been suggested for the role.

So what are the odds of us seeing a woman take on the role after Daniel Craig? If you ask oddsmakers taking bets, it's going off at 12/1. That's still a big gamble, but the fact that this conversation is even being had this seriously says a lot about the modern Hollywood landscape. Movies like Wonder Woman and Atomic Blonde show that people have an appetite for female-driven action movies. But does that really need to be within the scope of a James Bond movie? Is that even the same character anymore? Perhaps if the rights holders wanted to expand the franchise, they could give a female MI6 agent her own movie with familiar characters from the James Bond movies in it?

Daniel Craig is on board for James Bond 25 which shoots this year and will be his last go as 007. The movie is set for release in November 2019 and, though not yet confirmed by the studio, it looks like Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire) will be directing. That to say, we're still a little while off from having to figure out who the next person who is going to play the role will be. Just don't be surprised to very seriously hear of some big-name actresses in the mix when the time does come. This news comes to us courtesy of Shortlist.