Daniel Craig spoofs James Bond in a hilarious No Time to Die sketch on Saturday Night Live. Craig hasn't been on the show since 2012 and he clearly had a great time being back. He tackled the coronavirus delay of the upcoming 007 movie and couldn't keep it together during another sketch. Craig showcased some of his comedic talent in Rian Johnson's surprise hit Knives Out as detective Benoit Blanc.

James Bond is a serious character. The Saturday Night Live sketch is teased as a preview for No Time to Die and from the start, it looks ultra-serious. Daniel Craig is right in character, staring ahead and ready to complete his mission. However, things change real quick when he rolls the dice on a craps table and he wins. The character's mood suddenly shifts and he becomes the king of the craps table, ordering a vodka Red Bull instead of his signature drink and asking the crowd around him to call him Simba from The Lion King because he is the king of this jungle.

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Things get serious again in the No Time to Die sketch when the craps table attendant pulls out a gun, but James Bond takes him down and continues to win, excitedly shooting into the air. It's not every day we get to see Daniel Craig play the character and have so much fun with it. In another sketch, he plays the husband of Kate McKinnon who is super into "deep movie quotes." He and McKinnon have a real tough time delivering some of their lines because they are both laughing too hard.

Daniel Craig plays James Bond for the fifth and last time in the upcoming No Time to Die. From there, the actor wants to star as Benoit Blanc in Rian Johnson's Knives Out 2, which will more than likely end up happening. Johnson is currently writing the script, so we should find out shortly, especially if Johnson is able to deliver on his promise of starting production within a year. As for Craig, he might want to pursue some more comedic roles in the future since he is good at it and seems to enjoy it too.

Universal and No Time to Die producers made the difficult decision to delay the James Bond release date until November of this year. It was supposed to hit theaters next month, which is why Daniel Craig was on SNL this week. As the coronavirus spreads, more studios might be following suit in an attempt to save their projects. SXSW decided to cancel and so did the Emerald City Comic-Con, so movie theaters and concerts may be next on the list. While we wait for more updates on that situation, you can check out all of Daniel Craig's skits, including his monologue, below, thanks to the Saturday Night Live YouTube channel.

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