Beyoncé may be hinting that she has provided vocals for the latest James Bond theme. We're only three months away from the No Time to Die release and we still have no announcement as to who is providing the theme. This has led to a lot of speculation, but Beyoncé seems to be fueling the flames, thanks to a recent social media post. As usual, her rabid fan base is quite excited at the prospect of her doing something so big. Mainly because it means new music.

The speculation started to fire up after the Golden Globe Awards. Beyoncé Knowles and her husband Jay-Z attended the event and the after party, where they brought their own Ace of Spades Champagne. The popstar shared a few pictures from the night, but there's one in particular that fans are examining further. In said image, Beyoncé can be seen taking a sip from a gin and vermouth cocktail with an olive, aka a martini. Is this a reference to James Bond's signature cocktail? Shaken, not stirred?

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Beyoncé fans sure seem to think she's teasing the new James Bond theme song for No Time to Die. And there is actually some precedent for this kind of social media teasing from Queen Bae, as evidenced by the detective work from her fans. Prior to her acclaimed Lemonade album coming out, she posted a picture of herself sucking on a lemon. Now, there are people who believe she's doing the same thing with the Golden Globe Awards martini. Could this all be just a coincidence? It may very well be, but there doesn't seem to be anyone confirming nor denying the rumors at this point in time.

Adding to fan-found evidence is the fact that Beyoncé has been sampling the iconic James Bond theme in concert since her 2018 Coachella performance. That one's a little far-fetched, but she could have been approached about this a long time ago. As many fans have pointed out, if she does the theme for No Time to Die, she has an excellent chance at getting an Academy Award, which would bring her one step closer to an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony). From there, she'd only need the Tony and Emmy.

With Beyoncé's camp staying silent, there's a good chance we'll get some news soon in the form of a surprise. While working on The Lion King remake, director Jon Favreau and Donald Glover talked about Beyoncé's element of surprise with her releases and announcements. This is what inspired Favreau to keep Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian a secret for so long, so it's possible that a surprise-release is in the cards and means it will be coming sooner rather than later. You can check out the aforementioned image below, thanks to Beyoncé's Instagram account. The image in question is the 5th one, so make sure to scroll through.