Director James Cameron is bringing his 1997 Best Picture winner Titanic back to theaters with a new 3D digital restoration April 4. While the film will look better than it ever has before, the filmmaker had considered going back and reshooting the drama, after discovering several factual errors regarding how the enormous ship actually sunk. Take a look at this video interview segment with James Cameron, and read on for more information.

While the filmmaker did oversee a full 3D conversion and digital restoration for Titanic, he didn't feel like taking it to the next level by reshooting the drama.

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"I suppose there was a moment that fleetingly passed through my mind that I could correct the film, and have it actually match what Titanic actually looked like. Then another part of my mind said, 'No. You're going to be a nutter standing on a street corner, babbling away."

The director has dived down to the actual Titanic wreckage dozens of times, and he noted that one of the landmark moments of the film, with the ship standing straight up in the water, probably didn't happen like that in real life.

"There was probably a moment where it was standing up in the water, but it probably wasn't as dramatic and static as we showed in the film. It probably wasn't straight up, it was probably at an angle."

But, despite his original desire to reshoot his blockbuster drama, the story remains the same in this new 3D version.

"I didn't change a frame. The ship still sinks at the end. Jack still dies."