Movie PictureHey everybody! For those loyal Light's Out fans out there, you've probably realized site-master/socialist dictator {0} has been throwing you, the good people of LOE, false promises to the actual release date to {1}. Well, be disappointed no more, as {2}

According to some collaborated rumors and facts over at Corona, an A.I. 2 may be in the works. With Brian Aldiss' 1999 short story "Super Toys When Winter Comes" (a sequel to "Super Toys Last All Summer Long," which was the basis for the original A.I.), the possibility is definitely there. even stated "According to Aldiss, Spielberg even went so far as to offer to buy a single sentence, which focused on a third idea for the saga."

Remember playing with He-man and the Masters of the Universe back in the day? Well crack open the nostalgia, because Toy-R-Us has re-released the ORIGINAL figures in their ORIGINAL boxes (but at $69.00, not a very ORIGINAL price). Take a look here.

Movie PictureFollowing the trend of hiding any and all references to the World Trade Center, many flicks (with the exception of the recent {10}) are in a state of denial about the 9-11 attacks. Hollywood is in a frenzy to reedit any shots of the New York Skyline, as they so hastily did in {11}, {12} and the infamous {13}. Originally, the {14} sported our wall crawling hero catching helicopter bound bank robbers in a web spun between the two towers- now, it's Spiderman swinging for a couple seconds and some text (the good news is the movie is still coming out May 3rd, contrary to rumors of delaying the film). {15}. Wouldn't keeping the skyline in the movie serve as a memorial to our financial landmark?

Another Titanic movie??? That’s right! Legendary director Cameron is on location in the North Atlantic as we speak, directing Titanic 2! In this episode, Leonardo DiCaprio’s character is resurrected by God himself in an attempt to fight off the cannibalistic aquatic super-zombies living in a giant air bubble beneath the wreckage. Or not. Cameron is, however, directing an IMAX-3D documentary on the Titanic, entitled "Ghosts of the Abyss." is hosting behind the scenes footage of the flick which hits 60 foot screens everywhere this November (sorry, no cannibalistic aquatic super-zombies that we know of).

And Titanic 2 was such a good idea. ~Steve