Without a doubt, one of the most popular action films of the '90s is True Lies. The film was directed by Oscar winner James Cameron and starred now-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as a super-spy who's wife, Jamie Lee Curtis, finally learns his secret. While Cameron allegedly wrote a sequel to the 1994 film, which grossed almost $400 million worldwide, a follow-up was never made. With Cameron's post Avatar schedule already filling up, Schwarzenegger's time consumed with running California, and the fact that it's been over fifteen years since the original, a sequel does not look likely. But fans got excited earlier this year when it was announced that ABC is planning a series based on the movie and listed Cameron as a producer.

Yet, with his plate as full as it is, how involved with the project will he be?

We recently had a chance to catch up with the genius director while he was promoting the Extended Collector's Edition of Avatar on Blu-ray and DVD, which will be available Nov. 16th. We asked Cameron where the True Lies series fits in on his list of priorities?

"I'm not really doing that. That was initiated by others, friends of mine who wanted to do that and I said, God yes, but do I have to show up and do anything? They said, absolutely not." We continued by asking if the proposed show was based on any of the scripts that he wrote for the possible sequel? "Well there was a number of sequel scripts but no, I have nothing to do with it. So if it is great, you heard it here, I had nothing to do with it. If it sucks, I had nothing to do with it!"