Director James Cameron is developing an adaptation of Yukito Kishiro sci-fi magna series Battle Angel. He is planning to begin production after he finishes the Avatar films.

The graphic novels are set in the 26th century, where society has collapsed after a world war. In this post apocalyptic world, cyborgs are a part of life and humans have augmented their bodies with the robotic technology. The story centers Alita, a fourteen year old female cyborg that has lost her memory.

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Avatar producer Jon Landau has this to say about the upcoming adaptation.

"We'll focus on Avatar for the next four or five years. Hopefully right after that... I am confident you will see it. It's one of my favorite stories, I think it is an incredible story, a journey of self-discovery of a young woman. It is a movie that begs the question: 'What does it mean to be human? Are you human if you have a heart, are you human if you have a mind, are you human if you have a soul?' And I look forward to bringing that film to audiences."

They are looking to released the project in 2017.