Jesus is coming to DVD!

In a story from Variety, Koch Vision will be shipping over 100,000 copies of

James Cameron Presents: The Lost Tomb of Jesus to stores next month.

The film captured "4.1 million viewers" when it aired "on Discovery Channel earlier this month."

This controversial film "posits a number of theses, including that Jesus Christ was married to Mary Magdalen and that the two had a son called Judah." The documentary caused such an uproar that Discovery tapped "Ted Koppel to host a discussion with experts following the cablecast about issues raised by Cameron and filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici."

Even with it's big reception on TV, Discovery is only repeating it on Discovery HD and Discovery en Espanol. In fact, "on its Web site, Discovery keeps a low Lost Tomb of Jesus profile; you have to type in the title to call up the page that displays it."

According to Michael Rosenberg, president of Koch Vision, the version on the DVD "will be about 15 minutes longer than the version carried by Discovery, and there'll be more than an hour of additional footage, including an epilogue with Cameron and Jacobovici, interviews with more experts in archaeology, religion and forensic science, and a photo gallery of the tomb uncovered in 1980 in Jerusalem."