Untitled James Cameron sci-fi project: Director James Cameron told SciFi Wire that he will begin shooting his ambitious, as-yet-untitled SF movie as soon as this November with the 3-D high-definition video cameras he developed for his Titanic documentary Ghosts of the Abyss.

"I'm writing it," Cameron said in an interview at the Saturn Awards ceremony in Los Angeles. "It's very futuristic; [it] takes place in a distant future, and [there's] lots of wild action and amazing characters and, hopefully, a very emotional journey as well. We're setting that up for release ... about this time of the year in 2006, Memorial Day or somewhere around that."

Cameron also reported that he and writer Dario Scardapane (Posse) are refining the script for a proposed remake of the 1966 SF movie Fantastic Voyage. "We have a pretty good script, [but it] still needs to go another iteration," Cameron said. He added that he will find a director for it, but hasn't decided whether it will go forward or not. And he left open the possibility that it, too, could be shot in 3-D, though likely not.

The movie will update the original Raquel Welch SF thriller, about scientists who shrink themselves and are inserted into the bloodstream of an ailing spy. "How do you sell that concept to people?" Cameron said. "For me, the thing in cracking the script, which we've done, was figuring out the social context. Because ... the first film was made in the mid '60s, I think it was '66, and it was a Cold-War-era thriller. And it was about a battle between two superpowers. We're projecting into an age where we're looking at information totalitarianism, where in the pursuit of security in a world of terrorism, people have given up their freedom to an information state. And so, in ours, there are no good guys and bad guys. There are, you know, these two vast blocs: The Coalition and The Alliance. But really, the government is the enemy. So it's a whole different kind of spy thriller than the one in '66."

Cameron added, "The writer is Dario Scardapane. He and I have been working together on that for about a year now. We're not quite there yet. It was a tough nut to crack."