During a recent chat with Times Online, director James Cameron ("Titantic") revealed some more details about what's next for himself as a filmmaker.

"I’m directing two movies back-to-back and I’ve got two more lined up after that," he says. "Two movies using the same techniques, the same 3-D digital-camera system, the same virtual production studio. They’re big projects." The first will come out in the summer of 2007, the second in the summer of 2009. One is called Battle Angel, an epic adaptation of a 12-part Japanese manga series about a 14-year-old amnesiac female cyborg on a quest to discover her identity while battling evil, set in the 26th century. The other, which he refuses to talk about at this stage, may be what is known in Cameron circles as Project 880. He will not be making Terminator 4, and he will not be making True Lies 2, as has been rumoured. The budgets for the two films — which will use the proprietary, high-definition 3-D digital technology he has developed — are likely to be huge. The combined budget could even top half-a-billion dollars, enough to give even the most sanguine studio head years of sleepless nights.