Director James Cameron revealed that the theatrical re-release of his blockbuster Avatar will return to theaters on August 27 and that the film will feature nine additional minutes of never-before-seen footage, according to MarketSaw. Here's an excerpt of the site's interview with the director below, where he reveals more on the new nine minutes of footage.

It's actually nine (extra minutes)! I added some since that press release. It's all CG. None of it is kinda boring shots of people sitting around in offices at the base, drinking coffee. It's all out in the rainforest, some of it is at night. There is a big hunt sequence that's got a lot of flying, a lot of banshee stuff, riding direhorses, very high-energy, high-impact action. There's a very powerful emotional scene towards the end that has been added back. There's some stuff where the Na'vi sort of counterattack after the bulldozers destroy the willowblade, that's a night attack scene. And the aftermath of that, how the humans react to that and the steps leading to the war. There's some stuff with Grace in the school in the jungle, there's a creature called a stingbat which is brought back in as well as the sternbeast, which is the animal that they hunt. There are some little bits that have been put back into the end battle. Little action beats, and a little bit added to the love scene, and some other night stuff. It's all top-quality stuff, it's all on par with the rest of the film.
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He also talked a bit about the 3D Blu-ray release, although he said an announcement on the 3D BD release date is still, "a ways off."

"There is no announcement yet. We're not going to make an announcement now about the 3D Blu-ray. It's a ways off because we're waiting for a bigger base of people to screen the players. By the way, I've seen the 3D master run on high-quality sets, a Panasonic and a Samsung, and it looks amazing. It looks really spectacular."

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We'll be sure to keep you posted on any further news regarding Avatar's theatrical re-release, Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 as soon as we have more information.