Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines: James Cameron spoke to MTV.com last week about how he sees his Terminator franchise being take over by another director. It seems that Cameron is a little distraught over the fact that the film is being made without him, but wishes the cast and crew all the best:

"I made that decision [not to be involved] a long time ago," Cameron said recently. "Really it was when I was in post-production on 'Titanic,' I said, 'Guys, I don't want to do this.' But Arnold kept kind of hanging on, wanting me, trying to reel me in. Because we are friends and he really wanted that continuity. And finally I just said, 'You know, dude, just go make this. You were born to go play this guy, and I just don't feel it. I've told the story that I wanted to tell. If they can come up with a good script and they pay you a lot of money, don't think twice.' So we're still on great terms."

Toyer:Esplatter is reporting that Brian De Palma will shortly be making his way back to the horror movie genre with an adaptation of Gardner McKay's novel, Toyer. The film is about "a sadist who psychologically messes with the minds of women -- and then uses a surgical instrument to put them in a coma -- before he kills them."

Shanghai Knights: New photos are up from the film starring Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson, at Latino Review. CLICK HERE

The Hulk: An interesting photo of 'Bruce Banner' after a "Hulk-out" is up at Latino Review. CLICK HERE

Fast & The Furious 2: The official site has opened up with a whole batch of new photos from the film. CLICK HERE

xXx 2: Rob Cohen talked extensively with CNN last week about a xXx sequel. For the full interview, CLICK HERE

Die Hard 4: TV Week has reported that the 4th Die Hard film, starring Bruce Willis, has gotten an official title: Die Hardest.

Freddy vs. Jason: New behind the scene photos are online. CLICK HERE

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen:IGN Filmforce have a few new shots (including one that might be a pic of "The Fantom") from the upcoming Sean Connery flick. CLICK HERE

The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers: Explore the Dead Marshes over at the official site. CLICK HERE

Se7en 2: The IMDB reports that a sequel to 1995's Se7en is in the works. The film will star Morgan Freeman and will not see the return of Brad Pitt. A studio insider claims that the plot surrounds detective Somerset, played by Freeman, will encounter another deranged serial killer in the new film. Pitt's character, detective Mills, will be mentioned in the film as having gone to an insane asylum. Thanks to 'Rip'

The Amazing Spider-man: Pulitzer Prize Winning Author, Michael Chabon, recently talked with Countingdown about his involvement with the Spider-man project:

I turned in my draft of the script to Sony. I thought it more or less rocked. Alas, not everyone involved with the project, apparently, agreed with my own unbiased assessment. As far as I know it has now been handed, along with the two prior drafts (Gough-Millar and Koepp) to a well-known and well-regarded script doctor, Alvin Sargent, who is married to the film's producer, Laura Ziskin. What he does with it all is a mystery that I'm as anxious as you to see revealed.

Helldorado:MTV has posted a full featured article, including photos, from behind the scenes of the new action / adventure flick, Helldorado, which stars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Christopher Walken, Seann William Scott, and Rosario Dawson. Here's a look:

"My character, Beck, is a dark guy, [a] complex character ready to get out of the [bounty hunter] business," the Rock revealed. "He wants to open, of all things, a restaurant."

Agreeing to one last job, Beck travels to South America in search of Scott's character, an alleged "hardened criminal" who turns out to be just a kid looking for a 500-year-old artifact. The two team up and look for the valuable item in a gold mine set up by corporate meanie Walken. Rosario Dawson ("Men in Black II") is in the mix as well, as a woman who has her own agenda for the missing object.

"It's one of the most oddly cast, crazily done-up movies I've ever worked on," Dawson said. "I remember when they told me who is in it ... I was like, 'Who was on crack when they put that together?' [But] it really, amazingly, works really well."

Thanks to DH for the heads up!

Harry Potter 3 & 4:The Dark Side Of Gary Oldman has made some waves on the net today claiming that Mr. Oldman is going to be playing a part in the next 2 Harry Potter films. Here's the quote:

"Gary Oldman will be playing in the next two Harry Potter movies! I don't have any more details about it at the moment but I have been informed by a reliable source."

Stay tuned for more on this rumor...

Superman: Charlie Sheen recently talked to Canadian magazine TV Times to deny rumors that he was ever asked to star in the next Superman flick.

"It was purely rumors. Though...I do want to work with Brett (Ratner) again and have let him know time and time again I am definitely available for Superman. Not the role as search, but for say the Luthor character. I said at one stage I'll be your Lex Luthor, god knows I've done worse things than go bald. You never know....but I'm sure he already has someone else already in mind. Still, don't quote me on that if in two years time you see my name on a marquee alongside the superman movie name"

Thanks to DH for the heads up.

Star Wars: Episode 3: Rick McCallum has given fans a look into the production of Episode 3 in the latest Star Wars Insider. TheForce.net has transcribed the artcile for all the web to see:

"We have a production art department in London that's started, feverishly. We have a costume dept. that starts next week in Sydney, and then the production art dept. moves to Sydney in the beginning of 2003. So all systems are go. We start our basic construction of the things that are needed in each dept. (in Australia). In about two weeks, we'll have our new set director Richard Roberts, come into Sydney to scout locations and service companies. This is just the beginning of the pre-production on the film."

The conceptual art dept. at Skywalker Ranch is in full swing. About twenty artists are now at work on Episode 3 and as of Nov. 2002, they'd already created 1,500 illustrations. McCallum says "we'll reach 10,000 before we start shooting." So far, they're of "paintings and sketches for all the costumes - of which there'll be about 1,200 different ones."

The next big step for graphic design was scheduled for Dec. 2002 with animatics expected to begin from early script pages. McCallum adds, "We won't have a completely new camera, we'll have a much more sophisticated, hot-rodded camera. It's much more sophisticated now with better resolution, better picture quality and color imagery. When asked about more EP3 questions, he says "I can't talk about that yet. This is a bad month (for news). Everything is about to happen."

Stay tuned...