James Cameron:Coming Soon!'s Chuck The Movie Guy recently interviewed James Cameron about his executive producing credit on Solaris, but he seems to have squeezed some bits out of him concerning his most recent projects as well as True Lies 2!

Quoted from Chuck The Movie Guy's show: "No, I won't be doing True Lies 2."

"Producing has been fun, it's got its satisfactions, I've directed three nonfiction films in the last year, two of which are not finished yet, I've developed new technology for 3D photography which I will be using in feature films in the future. I'm just on the verge of going back to that having waited to get the technological ducks in a row for that".

Does that mean we will have to wear glasses for the films? "You gotta wear the glasses, there is no 3D without the glasses, trust me on this.." Do you mean the old red and blue glasses? "No, no.. this is cool, you have to take my word for this, it's cool." And how good are they? "Really cool!" How good? "Really F***ing good!"

Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets:Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets racked up more than 87 million on it's opening weekend! This is the 3rd biggest opening of all time! Potter comes in 3rd only to Spider-man, & the first Harry Potter film!

Tremors (TV): Sci-Fi Channel has announced the debut of the new Tremors series starring Michael Gross as Burt Gummer! The series debuts January 10th, 2002 at 10PM!

CLICK HERE for the official site which includes games, and other multimedia!

Star Trek: Nemesis: You can now listen to Jerry Goldsmith's Star Trek: Nemesis score online! CLICK HERE

Lethal Weapon 5:Ain't It Cool News got word from a scooper this morning that Lethal Weapon 5 may be in the works. The source was confirmed by a radio interview with Danny Glover that occurred over the weekend as well.

Kill Bill: Set photos and a small set report are now online at Ain't It Cool. CLICK HERE

The Last Samurai: A photo from The Last Samurai, which stars Tom Cruise, is now online. CLICK HERE

The 25th Hour:The official website for the latest Edward Norton vehicle is featuring photos from the production from every hour of the 25 hours featured in the film. CLICK HERE

House Of The Dead: New photos from the set of the film are now online. CLICK HERE

Hellboy:Countingdowngot together with Guillermo del Toro over the weekend to discuss Hellboy and other projects. CLICK HERE for the entire report of the account.

Jurassic Park IV: The Hollywood Reporter recently spoke with Jeff Goldblum about the up and coming 4th installment in the Jurassic Park series in which he has "a very good chance to be returning in JP4".

"Steven [Spielberg] and Mr. Moehan are busy writing the script prepping it to make sure it is perfect, this film takes a more sci-fi approach with some science thrown in to make it more enjoyable".

"Steven [Spielberg] has told me that my old nemesis, the T-rex will be back, possibly along with the Dilophosaur, that venom spitting one and get this, maybe even a water dino, a Mososaur, or something like that".

Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers: Remember the "sex scene" we reported on the other day? Well, according to sites around the web, the reported "sex scene" was actually a mix up. The details of the film were for Die Another Day which opens Friday, and not The Two Towers.

Books of Blood (TV): Over the weekend, The Screenwriting Expo was host to many screenwriter...including Frank Darabont, who is in preliminary talks with Clive Barker to develop a series for television entitled, Books Of Blood.

“We really want to make the “Books of Blood” to be a story-driven, writer-driven piece of work. There’s so many great stories to tell in the genre and I thought, hell, if anybody knows this stories, it’s gotta be Clive Barker. The idea is we would choose the stories, whether it was Fritz Leiber, Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe, or something very cutting edge like David Schow – whatever story it is, as long as it’s got a real quality of writing of writing going for it. ‘Cause I miss that, especially in anthologies. The one’s we’ve had lately are kind of lackluster. They seem to oddly be avoiding the fact that there are thousands of great stories that have been written through the years.”

“The thing about “Tales from the Crypt” is that it put its storytelling in a straight-jacket – it just had to be wacky. If it needs to be wacky, let it be wacky. If it needs to be serious, let it be serious. Whatever the tonality is, what I don’t want to do is proscribe what kind of stories “Books of Blood” has to be. That’s why anthologies continue to be stale. Go for the throat! Go wherever the great stories are! Hopefully, this’ll be a series that’ll scare the crap out of you and we’ll earn that.”

Thanks to CHUD for scoring the scoop!

Indiana Jones 4: Speaking of Frank Darabont, a scooper for Ain't It Cool dropped a scoop in on the going-ons of Indiana Jones 4:

Darabont is currently going through the 1st Act and he has weekly/twice weekly story meetings with Spielberg. The two of them are still coming up with the 3rd act, but Lucas has basically handed the ball off to Spielberg. Darabont said that he's trying to be very true to the character, but without being repetitive.....he doesn't want to simply give us a rehash of the last 3 films.

Stay tuned...~Brian