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James Coburn: Sadly to say, great American actor, James Coburn passed away yesterday. Here's the report from the IMDB:

Coburn was at his Beverly Hills home with his wife Paula when he suffered a massive coronary at 4:30 p.m. PST; he was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

Coburn starred in many films throughout his career.CLICK HERE to view the list of his achievements. He will be missed. Lights Out expresses our sincere condolences to the family.

Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers: The WB will be presenting an exclusive behind the scenes look into the making of The Two Towers entitled "Return To Middle Earth" on December 4th at 8PM ET.

"Return to Middle Earth" follows the celebrated "Rings" cast as they return to New Zealand to shoot additional footage for the upcoming movie, "The Two Towers." Each cast member gives his/her personal take on the arduous three-year shoot and what is was like to be part of this historic filmmaking experience.

In addition, New Line has released the official word on the premieres occurring around the world:

The film will make its North American bow in New York on December 5, followed by the European premiere in Paris on December 10 and the UK premiere on December 11 in London. On December 15, the film will premiere in Los Angeles and in Copenhagen, with the Queen of Denmark attending. A special screening in Seattle follows on December 16. The film premieres in New Zealand, where The Lord of the Rings trilogy was shot, in Wellington on December 18, and in Sydney, Australia on December 19.

Legally Blonde 2:Regina King recently spoke with MTV about her upcoming role in Legally Blonde 2. During the interview she reveal many things about what to expect from the sequel:

"[Elle] is trying to get a law passed to stop cosmetic animal testing," she revealed. "I play the chief of staff to Congresswoman Rudd, who is Sally Field's character."

She described her character as "very driven but not exactly the nicest woman." "The Elle character and her don't get along in the beginning. Or I should say she doesn't get along with Elle, because Elle pretty much gets along with everyone. By the end of the film she totally ends up having the utmost respect for Elle's character. It's kind of like the Selma Blair character [in 'Legally Blonde']."

For the full interview, CLICK HERE

The Ring Sequel or Prequel:Entertainment Weekly recently spoke with production exec, Walter Parks about the possibility of a sequel to The Ring. Parks is hoping to reunite director Gore Verbinski and screenwriter Ehren Kruger on the project. Naomi Watts, star of the first film, is contractually obligated to return, but when asked if the next film would be a sequel or a prequel, here's how he replied:

"We'll develop a script for a sequel and a prequel, and go with whichever comes together first.''

Haunted Mansion: British actress, Marsha Thomason, will star opposite Eddie Murphy in Disney's adaptation of their popular ride, The Haunted Mansion.

The Amazing Spider-man:Counting Down has scored even more pics from the Chicago set of The Amazing Spider-man. CLICK HERE

In other Spider-man news, the teaser for MTV's animated Spider-man series is now online. CLICK HERE

The Hulk: A scooper over at Superhero Hype may have the first insight as to when we'll actually get to see the first CGI incarnation of The Hulk:

"Universal Studios has purchased over 2 minutes of air time for the Super Bowl where it will present the first full trailer for HULK and give viewers their first look at the cg hero."

The Super Bowl happens on January 26th, 2003. Stay tuned for more on this scoop. Thanks to Superhero Hype.

Dumb & Dumber 2:Dark Horizons is reporting some initial casting information for the sequel to the widely popular Dumber & Dumber:

Eric Christian Olsen (blond cocky guy from "Not Another Teen Movie") and Derek Richardson will play the young Harry and Lloyd. Rachel Nichols, Eugene Levy, Mimi Rogers and Luis Guzman are also in the cast.

Star Wars: Episode III: Another scoop from Dark Horizons this morning involves Peter Mayhew who played Chewbacca in the original Star Wars trilogy claiming to have been in recent talks with George Lucas about working with him again this Spring. Stay tuned for more on this...

Top Gun: A special edition DVD is planned for release in May. Thanks to 'The Dark Lord Riddler'

Arnold Swartzenegger: Republican's might be looking to Arnold to lead California in the near future, according to the ABC News site:

"Arnold Schwarzenegger would do a tremendous amount to reinvigorate the party itself and the image of the party to most Californians," said Brian Todd of Bakersfield, a delegate to state party conventions."

Schwarzenegger, 55, told The Associated Press: "To me it's a great honor to be considered for those kind of things. I think it's great people say, `He's the ideal candidate' or `He can win.' Obviously, it's much better if people say that than if they say the opposite. But I don't have a plan like that."

The Roswell Crash: Startling New Evidence (TV):The Sci-Fi Channel will air a new 2 hour documentary on November 22nd at 8 p.m. ET/PT. The show , hosted by Bryant Gumbel, will feature new eye witness interviews as well as a archaeological dig that took place in 10 days in September by the University of New Mexico. For more info on the show, CLICK HERE

Stay tuned...~Brian