If you win an award, the last thing you expect is to be heckled by an iconic actor. But that's what happen this past Tuesday night at an upstate New York business event, when Academy Award and Emmy nominated thespian extrodinaire James Cromwell decided he wanted to protest an award being given to an energy company. He, along with one other individual, was escorted out of the event.

The 75 year-old James Cromwell and accomplice Pramilla Malick began heckling when the award was presented to CPV Valley Energy Center at Orange County Partnership's Annual Award Event in New Windsor, NY. The pair were voicing their opposition against a new gas fueled power plant in Wawayanda. James Cromwell claims that the company's gas-fired electricity plant is a dangerous polluter, and that it is threatening people and the environment.

The actor has reason to be upset. He lives in the adjacent town. Which was cause for him to interrupt the 600 people in attendance, celebrating the banner year of new business attraction and expansion. After being escorted from the event, Pramilla Malick had this to say.

"The last thing CPV should be doing is getting an award for polluting our Hudson Valley."

Partnership CEO Maureen Halahan doesn't think the incident caused much damage. She claims it only took up a few minutes of the four-hour event, which was otherwise filled with good cheer. For the most part, she found humor in the situation.

"I thought it was laughable. I thought it was funny and had nothing to do with the event. It was a little hiccup. I don't think anyone cared. Nobody booed CPV. There were 650 business people who support programs that turn on the lights in their homes, and the people who crashed the party probably have lights in their homes as well."

The presenter of the award being protested by James Cromwell began chanting "CPV!" As the pair were led away from the building, but most in attendance did not join in. Some watched on quietly, most were unsure of exactly what was going on. All and all, it sounds like it was a pretty exciting night for all who attended. James Cromwell was nominated for an Academy Award for his performance in the classic family movie Babe.