Deviant cinema scrounge Harmony Korine is following up his recent short film Lotus Community Workshop, which stars Val Kilmer as a motivation speaker, with the dark comedy Spring Breakers.

James Franco has signed onto play one of the leads, while Emma Roberts is also considering a role. In true Harmony Korine fashion, the movie will be a twisted take on the sex romp and spring break comedies of the 80s. The story revolves around a group of girls who decided to rob a bank to fund their vacation in Florida, only to be arrested upon arrival.

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Emma Roberts is eyeing the role of a troubled teen named Candy, a Southern belle who feeds off danger. James Franco will play a rapping drug and arms dealer named Alien who springs the girls from jail only to have them kill his rival, aptly named Arch.

The production of the film will take place in Florida during the actual antics of Spring Break 2012. James Franco is expected to be on location for two weeks.