According to Production Weekly, Sopranos mob boss James Gandolfini will play the lead in Joey One Way based on Joel Rose's crime novel "Kill Kill Faster Faster". Gareth Roberts will direct the film that's scheduled to begin shooting in Dublin, Ireland for six weeks in late spring. Robert Carlyle(The Full Monty) and Rosario Dawson(Alexander) are in negotiations to join the cast.

The story is about a man who after spending more then seventeen years behind bars, Joey One-Way (Gandolfini) believed that there was only one way he was getting out of prison, and that was in a box. But that's not exactly what happens. While serving time, Joey writes a jailhouse drama that became a Broadway hit. Now, big-time producer Markie Mann puts his reputation on the line to spring and back Joey, counting on him to turn his scripts into Hollywood hits.

Joey wants nothing more then to do right by Markie. So things become a bit tight when he falls hard for Markie's young wife, Fleur.