Untitled Ernest Hemingway Film: According to Variety, James Gandolfini will star as Ernest Hemingway in an untitled film mobilizing for a January start.

The actor has committed to topline a drama about the tempestuous romance between Hemingway and war correspondent Martha Gellhorn.

Barbara Turner, whose screen credits include Pollock and Georgia, is writing the script and will produce with Alex Ryan. Gandolfini's managers Nancy Sanders and Mark Armstrong will be executive producers.

Turner will complete the script this month; the producers will look to land a director and financing by early fall.

Gandolfini will make the film early next year, then return to "The Sopranos." The final season of the HBO series begins shooting in April.

The Hemingway picture takes place between 1936 and 1945. Gellhorn's competitive nature inspired the novelist to pen "For Whom the Bell Tolls."

"She might have been the best war correspondent who ever lived, and she was the only woman who left Hemingway and asked for a divorce," Turner said. "She was drop-dead gorgeous, smart and funny, and they had a competitive, stormy but romantic relationship. She was one of the great romances of his life."