With James Gunn's bloody and very adult The Suicide Squad still riding high on its success, someone at Warner Bros. must be breathing a sigh of relief that the director decided to discard their request to make the movie a PG-13 rating. Speaking in a lengthy interview with Collider, Gunn said that he was asked by the studio to trim down the language and violence to make the movie a little more family friendly, but he was adamant that if he was directing, then he would be making the movie his way.

"I wrote the script the whole time, thinking they would let me make it, I mean, they asked, 'Can you make this PG-13?' I said no," James Gunn told Collider. "I said, 'You can make it and take it with somebody else, and they can direct it, and you can do a PG-13. But if I'm going to direct it, I want it to be R.' They were like, 'Okay, that's worth the trade-off for us.' So, they were great about it."

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After making it clear he was set on directing the film as R-rated, Gunn explained that he received notes from both Marvel and DC in relation to their respective movies, and there are some he takes on board, but while Marvel are sometimes a little more persistent about certain aspects of the Guardians of The Galaxy movies, DC weren't quite as strict. Gun revealed that:

"I get notes from Marvel, and I get notes from DC, but no, they always said, 'You can take these or leave these. You can do whatever you want with these. If you want to take these notes, you can take them. If you don't want to take these notes, you don't have to take them.' It's never gotten anything beyond that ever, so it's like, they give notes. Marvel gives more than DC does to me, but they're the same attitude of like, take what you want and leave the rest. I take a lot of them. There's a lot of good ideas in there. Even if I don't take them, one of the main things I do is I try them, especially while I'm editing. I try them out to see if they work."

The director previously talked about how Warner chiefs began to worry that Gunn was going too far, but in an interview with Deadline, producer Peter Safran revealed that the movie that hit cinemas was exactly the movie Gunn set out to make.

"It did not change one iota. Literally, to the characters involved, who died, who the adversaries were, nothing changed. James knew exactly the movie that he wanted to make, and that is the movie that he delivered," Safran said. "I think that's why people have responded so beautifully to it, both critics and audiences alike. If you've ever wondered what it's like to be inside the head of James Gunn, this movie answers that question for you because it is the unfiltered vision of what he wanted to do. It's exactly his movie."

The Suicide Squad is currently showing in theaters and on HBO Max until September 6. This story comes to us from: Collider where you can see the entire interview with James Gunn.