Sexual predatory behavior is unfortunately nothing new in Hollywood and the world at large, but there just seems to be an overabundance of it currently making headlines in Hollywood. Bill Cosby, FOX News' Bill O'Reilly, Glee's Mark Salling, and more have recently been accused of less than stellar actions, but it was the explosive and huge amount of allegations that came out about Harvey Weinstein late last week that has brought Hollywood together to speak out against the former mogul. Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn wrote a lengthy response to the rampant sexual harassment in Hollywood and the rest of the world.

James Gunn took to Facebook to share his thoughts about the current state of sexual predatory activities that has been running not-so-far under the surface in the entertainment business. As it turns out, Gunn has personal experience with sexual abuse, nothing happened to him personally, but it went on around him so he tried to report it. The adults wouldn't listen to him and the abuse continued at the hands of Catholic priests. James Gunn went out with some female friends late last week and they all discussed their experiences with sexual harassment in the industry to an extent that shocked and appalled the director. Those stories coupled with his own experiences inspired Gunn to speak out.

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James Gunn started his statement via Twitter over the weekend by addressing the accusations that got Harvey Weinstein fired from his own company. Since it was Twitter, he only had 140 characters to get his point across, but he was able to pull it off, calling out Harvey Weinstein and anybody who knew about his actions and hid them. He had this to say.

"If even 1/10th of the stories about Harvey Weinstein are true (and I believe they are), then good f%[email protected] riddance. That shit's gotta stop. And f%$k you to anyone who knew about it and let him get away with it. The enabling also needs to end."

After Gunn made his statement on Twitter, the director took to Facebook to write a long, passionate plea for the sexual predators and their actions in Hollywood to come to an end, saying, "they're killing us."

After retelling his story of talking to female friends in the industry and realizing how nonchalant that they talked about their sexual harassment experiences, James Gunn dug into Hollywood. Gunn made sure to point out that sexual predators have "no political affiliation" when launching into his statement. He had this to say.

"As we've discovered lately with the numerous sexual allegations against Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Roger Ailes, and Bill O'Reilly, sexual predators have no political affiliation. They are Republicans, Democrats, Communists, Nazis, Green Party, Whigs, and whatever-the-hell-else is out there. But they also know no status or occupation."

Gunn then went on to say that his original Twitter posts received a lot of attention, with many pointing out that sexual abuse isn't just happening in Hollywood. James Gunn then went on to talk about how sexual predatory activity is rampant around the world and brought up his own personal experience with the subject. Gunn explains.

"Sexual predation is rife in Hollywood. But it's also rife EVERYWHERE. As evinced by the stories I heard Friday night, some men - probably a much larger percentage than any of us want to be true - try to coerce women (or children or other men) sexually, and they will try and do so when they get any small amount of power. They are movie stars and network heads and world famous bloggers - but they are also fast food restaurant managers and used car salesmen and, as I learned as a child (and tried to speak out and was shut down), priests."

At the end of James Gunn's lengthy statement, the director said that he hopes that the latest news surrounding Harvey Weinstein was the start of putting an end to sexual predatory behavior in Hollywood and everywhere. He then shared his respect and love for anyone that comes out and breaks their silence and declaring that he will do anything that he can to put an end to it. You can read the statement in its entirety below, courtesy of James Gunn's Facebook page.