Warner Bros. offered a Supermanmovie to James Gunn. The studio was reportedly bringing out the big guns when courting the director after Disney fired him from Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Gunn was let go over the summer after some tweets containing tasteless jokes about pedophilia, rape, and racism were unearthed. Disney made the swift decision to cut Gunn loose and after waiting a bit, Warner Bros. went in and swooped him up, bringing him over to the DC side of things.

Before taking on Suicide Squad 2, Warner Bros. offered James Gunn a shot at taking on a Superman movie. It isn't clear if this would have been the long-talked about Man of Steel 2 with Henry Cavill or another project. However, there were a lot of whispers about a Man of Steel sequel popping up frequently towards the end of last year. But, it looks like Cavill, like Ben Affleck, may be finished with the role, leading one to believe that Gunn would've been starting from scratch.

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In addition to a Superman movie, Warner Bros. gave James Gunn a pick from a variety of different projects. One of those that apparently caught the director's eye was the DC Super Pets movie, so we could end up seeing some of Gunn's influence on that project, though he won't be directing. But, going back to a Superman movie with Gunn at the helm, what would that have looked like? There's still time for that to happen, but one would imagine that it would be pretty different from what we've seen over the years.

It has been said that James Gunn is bringing a "fresh take" to The Suicide Squad. What that means isn't immediately clear, but with Gunn on board, it will more than likely be a lot different from what David Ayer did. There have been rumors that Margot Robbie won't return as Harley Quinn and that Jared Leto won't be on board as the Joker either. That has not been confirmed at this time, but that could fall in line with the "fresh take" talks that have been going around.

James Gunn has been relatively silent since getting the boot from Disney over the summer. He apologized for his past tweets, but Disney had already made up their mind. While the backlash has pretty much died down since then, directors have been recently bringing up his name to come back and take over Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Had he not been fired, production on the highly anticipated sequel would more than likely already started this year. Now, Gunn is on a new adventure with DC and will bring a new version of the Suicide Squad for a sequel, and maybe a Superman movie at some point down the line. The Hollywood Reporter was the first to announce the James Gunn and Superman news.