James Gunn took a break from his post-production schedule on Guardians of the Galaxy to attend the Hollywood premiere of Thor: The Dark World last night. The filmmaker revealed that Thanos, who appeared at the end of Marvel's The Avengers last summer, does appear in his Phase Two ensemble, but Ronan the Accuser (Lee Pace) is the primary villain.

"Thanos is a character in our movie. He's the main sort of... He works with Ronan. In my movie Ronan works for Thanos, and Ronan is the main bad guy in our film."

He also talked about the amount of practical effects used in Guardians of the Galaxy.

"We have a prison set that is 350,000 pounds of steel. Our sets are enormous. Anybody who knows me knows I really love the mix of practical and CGI effects and I carried that over into this movie. We have tons and tons of practical effects. People ask if it's expensive, and it is, but not compared to making every single shot in the movie a visual effect. We have tons of practical sets. I can't wait for people to see it because it's astoundingly beautiful."