It sounds like Guardians of the Galaxy is going to be a big hit, if the early reviews are any indication. It's being called Marvel's latest masterpiece, and one of the studio's best movies yet. Marvel president and producer Kevin Feige already confirmed that there are too many stories in the comic books not to do Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Now James Gunn has comfirmed that he will return to direct the sequel, if it proves to be a big hit.

Speaking with Adam Carolla, James Gunn confirmed that he is set to return, but called the opportunity a double-edged sword because it won't allow him to take on some of the other projects he's recently been offered.

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"I'm actually in a somewhat weird position because if the movie does well, then I'm gonna make the sequel. And if it does okay then, well, I've already been offered other movies but I can only do those other movies if I don't do the sequel, so it's a weird situation."

What do you think? Would you rather see James Gunn return to the world of horror? Or is he the only man for Guardians of the Galaxy 2? Marvel announced 5 new release dates yesterday, and this sequel is surely one of them.