/james-gunn-will-direct-guardians-of-the-galaxy-2/Last Saturday, we reported that director James Gunn was likely to return for Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Now his co-writer on the original Guardians of the Galaxy, Nicole Perlman, has confirmed that he will be back to write and direct the sequel.

While Marvel has not officially announced the news yet, it is expected to come out during this Saturday's big Hall H panel planned by the studio.

James Gunn has gone on recording, telling fans and interviews that he definitely wants to come back, and that he has been planning a sequel from the very start of production.

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Here is what Nicole Perlman had to say about James Gunn's return for Guardians of the Galaxy 2,

"They started to figure it out pretty quick when they started getting the reactions from the audience; it was a very positive reaction. Of course they would want to make a sequel as long as it does well and people are excited about it, they'll wanna do a sequel. So, it's going to happen.

James will be directing Guardians of the Galaxy 2, so he would also be writing Guardians of the Galaxy 2."

Nicole Perlman sounds less sure that she will return to help James Gunn write the sequel. She does want to continue working for the studio sometime in the future. She was hired out of Marvel's writers program, which asks writers to adapt a few of the comics as an exercise. Nicole Perlman had chosen Guardians of the Galaxy because it blended humor and science fiction. It will be her first film credit.

James Gunn had inherited Nicole Perlman's initial script, and was tasked to put his own spin on it. The director is contracted to make one more movie with Marvel, and he has not signed on for anything out side of the studio.

To watch the interview with Nicole Perlman: CLICK HERE

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